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My Immortal Love


Release Date: 30 May 2013

Format: Digital

Label: Healing Sun Productions


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If I die young 3.37
Love story 3.56
Payphone 2.52
Wanted 3.09
Wide Awake 3.43
Somebody that I used to know 4.20
Someone like you 4.30
Russian Roulette 3.47
Try 4.08
My Immortal 4.20
Iris 3.33
Jar of Hearts 4.11
Stonger 3.33
Breakeven 4.17
Irresistible 3.41
Home 3.28
Bring on the rain 3.58


My Immortal Love is a collection of modern pop songs performed in a Celtic style by Irish singer/songwriter Liz Madden. This album features 17 pop songs that tell stories of life and love. Liz chose these songs because of their strong emotional themes and blazing melodies which hook you in from the opening notes. From the haunting echoes of "Russian Roulette" to the tender musical moments in "Jar of Hearts" to the spiritual awakening in "Wide Awake", Liz brings you through a journey of emotions, the central of which is love...everlasting love, heartbroken love, lost love...but most of all......immortal love.