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My Heart's An Idiot


Release Date: 02 July 2010

Format: CD:EP

Label: So Sleepy Records



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My Heart's an Idiot 3:59
Brother 4:32
Phenomenal 3:26
Jesus 2:44
Every Nerve 3:09
The OCD Song 3:13


Josie and the Lovecats are a 4 piece - keys, bass, drums and trumpet - from Plymouth in the SW of England. Fronted by spirited slip of a girl Josie Ghost, their music is riotus, unexpected and undenyably life affirming. One of the newest bands on the South West music scene they've hit the ground running, with an impressive list of shows across the country including Glastonbury festival, Aeon festival and the Eden Sessions where they'll be supporting Vampire Weekend, Broken Bells and Calvin Harris. Josie sings through a vocal unit which harmonises her voice live in 4 parts so when she stomps it on the band have a mile wide sound that's instantly identifiable. These cats are not afraid to trash it up and spit it out, all with an audatious optimism that would melt the heart of the most cynical grandpa."My Heart's an Idiot" is the bands second EP and features 6 brand new tracks including their debut single "Brother."

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