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Mr Gumble


Release Date: 09 August 2019

Format: Digital

Label: Third Bar


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Mr Gumble [3:34]


Strange New Places are a Belfast-based band of right-on radicals with low self-esteem.
The queerpunk five-piece are often found singing about gender, sexuality and life under capitalism, and how those intersect with anxiety, depression, and a perpetual fear of talking to girls.
Formed by Fermanagh siblings Ash and Rory, the band recruited long-time co-conspirator Michael before sweeping East, picking up Rain on drums, and finding bassist Caleb wandering in the wilderness near Lisburn. On reaching the coast, the assembled band realised they could not all swim, and settled down in the nearby town of Belfast, where they can still be found today.
Influenced by acts like Against Me, Modern Baseball, and Los Campesinos!, the group nestles itself between emo, punk and synth pop, creating high-energy laments as the soundtrack to sedition.
'Uncomfortable' is their debut EP, set for digital and vinyl release in August 2019. The lead single, 'This City', will be released on Friday 12 July.