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Money Blind


Release Date: 20 October 2008

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Bad Box Records




a. Money Blind
b. Money Blind (The Slips Remix)


Public Service Announcers are a young 4 piece band from London, England. Unusually for a new band, Public Service Announcers found their own voice straight away by putting more on their palette than The Libertines and skinny jeans. On the strength of demos recorded in bedrooms, oil refineries and snatched studio time;; PSA are set to bring a refreshing multi-coloured imagination back to pop music.

PSA take influence from diverse and slightly different musical backgrounds. Professing a love for bands like XTC, The Kinks and Blur to name a few mainstay eccentric English pop gems;; PSA also share a love for soul, electronica and a healthy dose of hardcore punk. PSA felt it was about the right time for a band blending such influences to turn in some classic upbeat pop, but more importantly for a band to come to the fore dedicated to writing good songs and not musical clique culture. "Intelligent, idiosyncratic pop," said the person with the pad from Time Out.

While PSA might fashion an idiosyncratic sound, they aren't simply writing for the underground. Their songs explore how people of whatever age, creed or background can have fun, the band seeing little point in being some phoney, angst ridden indie band when they have relatively easy lives and big ambitions. 'Success at the Britannia Book Club level is a sure sign we're doing our job properly'. 'If I am going to write about turmoil I want to take it to a happier place…looking at the wider issues, the bigger angst-free picture' says Joe.

It's nice looking at the brighter side of life, communicating what can be achieved, and not dwelling or settling for the mundane. Enjoy the myspace demos, PSA songs will be public property in no time.

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