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Release Date: 31 May 2024

Format: Digital

Label: Rebel Records UK

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Modernity [4:46]

Animal Kingdom [3:57]

You Said You Wanted To Run? [4:07]

An Awful Lot To Ask For [5:44]

A Meaningful Reflection [4:04]

Everything's Too Beautiful For Me [4:16]

Do You Want This To Be Real? [4:30]

2AM [3:16]

The Good Guys [5:08]

Tattoo [6:35]


Lee Robert is an accomplished alternative singer-songwriter hailing from Newbury, England. 'What We Might Have Been', his first album, was written and recorded by the age of sixteen and only ever received a physical release – something that would now perhaps be a rare gem for fans and collectors. After toying with other pursuits, Lee Robert took to Falmouth University to study and create. Amongst other musical projects, he created two new albums, recorded and produced by himself – 'The Making of a Bad Dream' and 'Black Holes & Heavy Souls'. These albums achieved varying success – Robert himself condemning his own production skills to being the major flaws. Most fans still consider the albums' standout tracks 'U3', 'Thank God For The DJ' and 'I'll Give You The Sun' to be pivotal moments and cult classics.  Years later and inspired by the devastation of the world around him during lockdowns, Lee Robert began writing what will be his seminal work. The album's writing process began with the writing of 'You Said You Wanted To Run?' inspired by the current and overwhelming desire for hate that he saw society have. This was closely followed by the lead single 'Animal Kingdom', which took a closer and more aggressive look at sexism, racism and homophobia – particularly prevelant in the discourse of the early 2020s.  The new album is titled as 'Modernity', with a striking image of Lee sitting some distance away from the centre of his hometown – Newbury – an image that shows how far detached the modern world is away from itself. The album acts as a reflection on all areas of the world's current discourse. The sound is heavier and stronger than before, recorded and produced at Newbury's own Studio 91 by Sam Winfield and Tom Millar.