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Release Date: 20 February 2011

Format: Digital

Label: Matchbox Recordings


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1. Miracle


Champagne Morning is the pop/rock brainchild of Ukraine born artist Dima Kelly (A.K.A Dima Snizhko ). Dima was born with a strong love for music, and was already performing amazing renditions of songs like "Let It Be" by The Beatles with a live orchestra at the age of 12.

After graduating from Kyiv Glier Musical College, Dima worked at numerous Radio stations and began composing soundtracks for TV commercials, games and films. This led to him receiving numerous awards for best music and sound design at the International advertising festivals.

With a burning ambition and talent, Dima followed his dreams further and assembled his perfect band with the help of childhood friend Mr. Lyak. They recruited Alex Chun (bass guitar), Max Sabodazhe (keyboards) and Yury Zakhar (drums). Dima was also joined by his closest friend and co-manager of the band, Irene Pigal who assisted in composing lyrics.