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Minor Highs, Major Lows


Release Date: 15 December 2008

Format: CD Album

Label: Necessary Records



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1. Wish
2. Helpless
3. Sour Fruit
4. Bag Song
5. Walking Home
6. Morning Song
7. Another Week
8. Railroad
9. Autumn Breeze
10. A Hard Day Will Mend
11. Nobody Told Me


Just into their twenties yet having spent years honing their sound, Maupa signed to Necessary Records in 2003. Playing almost monthly gigs in Manchester, audiences quickly started to swell from a handful of tuned in, curious locals to sold out venues full of genuine fans hearing about the band through an ever-growing word of mouth buzz in the north west. Support tours soon followed with the likes of The Bandits and South and in February 2004 Maupa released their debut single, Helpless, a song infused with the spirit Television, Mercury Rev and Syd Barrett. As the single received the first of many plays on Radio 1 and XFM, the NME described Helpless as "a Mad Richard waggly foot away from genius" while The Fly magazine added "Maupa produce some of the most beautiful, haunting sounds you're ever likely to hear".

Now, having recently won the European final of the Wannadoo Discoveries competition to find the best new band in Europe (which saw a bemused band flown to the south of France to play alongside Craig David and Alicia Keys), Maupa prepare to release their debut album. Produced by long time associate Mark Jones, The Minor Highs And The Major Lows is an unbelievably assured, stately album full of joyous grandeur and bittersweet symphonies that is set to propel the band onto ever-greater things.