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Metro E.P

by 1000 STATIONS

Release Date: 09 July 2012

Format: Digital

Label: Guilford Road Recording


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01 Coda Refrain - Introview
02 AFS feat. Annanem - Métro
03 HB - Metro-Polis
04 Movimento Flaneur - Linea Gialla
05 James Robinson - Línea A
06 I-Wizzle - Clackety Clack Clap Trap Rap
07 Vasilakis - A Re Flora
08 Ben Phaze - Keep Moving
09 ACD - Clockwork Orange Subcrawl
10 HB - U55
11 Seefor - Ghost Station
12 gem.s - Subway Coming
13 Matt Westcott - Edgware Road
14 Outside The Loop Radio - Outroview


1000 Stations is a collective of worldwide artists which has come together to create the Metro EP compilation, featuring songs about different metro systems around the globe. From Buenos Aires to Moscow and everywhere in between, this album shows just a fraction of the creativity that can be applied to public transport, sometimes seen as mundane and taken for granted.