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Metaphysical Disorder (Feat. KVA)


Release Date: 10 February 2023

Format: Digital

Label: Disciple Music

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Metaphysical Disorder [3.36]


The Disciple - (Oliver Pulfer) was born in 1988 in Switzerland. He always liked rap music and became interested in Hip Hop culture at a young age. Due to his international spirit, he always had an inclination towards the English language as
well as other peoples and cultures worldwide. He started to write his first rhymes in English in his teens years. He recorded his first tracks before he was twenty years old. In the middle of his twenties, he started to develop an interest in international history and global affairs. He started to read books and eventually changed his old artist name «Olistic» to «The Disciple». An allegory to someone who spreads the messages and teachings of the books he's been reading, The Disciple was particularly influenced by left intellectuals, e.g. Jean Ziegler, Noam Chomsky as well as pan-African leaders. His lyrics, now, talk about Western exploitation in
third world countries, international politics and revolutionary concepts. METAPHYSICAL DISORDER is one of the leading singles off his forthcoming album and talks about disappearing cultures due to Colonialism and Western civilization.