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Lunar One A Sides. Full Moon releases Oct 2021 - Sept 2022


Release Date: 18 November 2022

Format: Digital

Label: Believer's Roast


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Peter Roy And Ron Are Gone [3:20]

Hidden Away From The Heat [3:16]

Witchy Grid [3:30]

Even On Sundays [6:26]

Running All The Way [3:56]

Best Behaviour [7:50]

Sweet Dreams Form A Shade [3:47]

Knot Golden [5:20]

Icarus [2:58]

New Gold [3:29]

Hares On The Mountain [2:53]

Nocturne [6:00]


In August 2021 Craig Fortnam (North Sea Radio Orchestra/Arch Garrison), being on good terms with 'the muse'
(having released last year's LP 'Ark' and this year's 'Instrumental Music 1'), decided to set himself a challenge:
to release a download-only 'single' every full moon for a year, with an 'A side' and a 'B side'.
'Lunar One' thus began on the Oct full moon, 2021 and finished in Sep 2022.
Nearly all of the titles were written and recorded by Craig during the month of release (will a few exceptions).
This release, Craig's third solo album, is a collection of all the 'A sides', running in chronological order.
All of the 'B sides' will be made available on Bandcamp for free (pay what you like).

Fans of his solo work and other bands, North Sea Radio Orchestra and Arch Garrison, will recognise many of his trademark musical elements; strong emphasis on melody and chord combined with a clear rhythmic sense, a mixed palette of guitars, strings, wind, various keyboard instruments and percussion. Craig's music is often described as 'beautiful', 'English-sounding' (not sure why...probably the chords?), with a selective use of dissonance to add a little astringency.