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Love The Virgins


Release Date: 04 December 2006

Format: CD Album

Label: Tough Cookie



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1. I Want You
2. Huh What?
3. Blue Sky
4. Innocent Eyes
5. Love The Virgins
6. Off To Bed
7. Moped
8. Falling To Pieces
9. Make Believe
10. Kissing The Boulevard
11. Fade Away
12. All You People


"Gliss are a multi-talented, innately musical trio with epic, visceral drive." – BBC Music

The three-piece wrote most of the tracks for 'Love The Virgins' whilst on tour in Europe with Billy Corgan, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Editors and more. The fuzzed up riffs and hypnotic vocals that defined the band's previous releases remain, but Gliss kicks it up a notch in the new songs, moving past the trance-like electronic elements for a more aggressive sound that is more fitting for the arenas they have been playing in.
Their first single 'Blue Sky', which was recorded in LA before they began their quest for world domination, became a BBC Radio One 'Fresh Meat' winner on Zane Lowe's influential show. The frenetic pace of life in Hollywood and the dreamers who flock there to make it big are the inspiration for 'Kissing the Blvd.', while 'All You People' one of two tracks recorded in Victoria's native Denmark, ends the album with the sensual slow fade that prompted one writer to call Gliss a "ménage a trios." 'Love The Virgins' was producer by Rick Parker (BRMC) and recorded in LA and Denmark in between touring.