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Love Is Blind E.P


Release Date: 10 August 2009

Format: Digital

Label: Black Records

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1.Love Is Blind
2.Black Eyed Girl [Black Teeth RMX]
3.Underground [L'Amour La Morgue RMX]
4.Love Is Blind [Pics Plox RMX]
5.Love Is Blind [DEMO]


One of the most refreshing new acts to spring up in 2008, The London 4 piece are a breathe a fresh air, the anti-thesis to the post libertines guitar infused indie blandism. Inspired as much by the early genuis of Prince and Elvis Costello as they are by the intellectual yearnings of Ziggy Stardust era Bowie. They provide a sharp rude awakeing of spiked Queens Of The Stone Age style riffage and pay homage to the tight instrumentalism of Television.

Singer Banks, was the mastercrafts man at the helm of Gallows recent critically acclaimed debut 'Orchestra Of Wolves', not only has he produced one of the most rawkus acts in recent memory he has also (with Haunts Axeman Alex) remixed the likes of Yo Majesty, Hadouken!, Funeral For A Friend, Late Of The Pier and The Enemy.