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Lo-tech Solutions to Hi-tech Problems


Release Date: 31 May 2004

Format: CD Album

Label: Cityscape



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1. I Hate That You're Living
2. Beautiful Morning For A Bad Day
3 14:53
4. Sunday Song
5. Distil Disappointment
6. Echolalia
7. For The Shore
8. Albino Rhino
9. The Last Stand Of Pucho Vasquez
10. Winter
11. Charlie Parker Was A Hobo
12. Morning After


As the title suggests, the album is the result of duo Brad B Wood and Conrad Astley marrying luscious acoustic loveliness with all the wonders of the electronic age.

And the marriage, as a host of reviewers and radio DJs have already noticed, is certainly a happy one, with tracks taken from it having caught the attention of good people everywhere.

Blowback magazine wrote: "Merchandise make the kind of acoustic electronica that'd be the soundtrack to a summer picnic in Hyde Park , with cute animals frolicking in the sun. A whole album of beautiful music. The sound of pastoral idylls and eternal sunshine."

Elsewhere, Gill Rickson of SBN Radio commented: "It's like someone got hold of Rae and Christian and made them cut up a Kings of Convenience album."