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Look out Girl (Feat. The AAR Band)


Release Date: 01 July 2021

Format: Digital

Label: Ab-Salute Music

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Look out Girl


The "AAR Band" was created by Phil Dipple. Who was the Bass Player with the band 'Meet on the Ledge' (MOTL)
It is basically a collection of musicians that Phil pulls together to record songs.
Some of the songs are just covers that he fancies re-hashing, or original songs written by Phil or people he knows.
The solid base to this consortium consists of Phil, Paul Johnston, who is the owner of Rhythm Studios where the recordings take place. Marion Fleetwood, an established multi-instrumentalist and singer, Ron Holmes, singer from the band MOTL. And occasional input from Allen Maslen (MOTL) Tomas Crockett, Guitarist Extraordinaire, and Colin Hancox, Singer.
The idea is to create there own approach to each song under the guidance of Phil & Paul.
Paul is fortunately capable of playing a multitude of instruments and also coming up with innovative ideas.