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Long Time Coming


Release Date: 30 May 2024

Format: Digital

Label: Guy Surtees Music


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Only One Key [1:58]

Brand New Girl [2:49]

Cowboy Bar [3:21]

Another Song About Her [2:54]

Thirty Minute Star [3:09]

That Guy Ain't Around Anymore [3:29]

Until Then [4:03]

Everything You Want [3:16]

Jessie [4:36]

Days [3:51]


Guy Surtees, a contemporary troubadour hailing from the centre of England, emerges as a luminary in the realm of Country music. With six previous hit singles, each ascending to the top 3 on the iTunes Country Chart, his melodic resonance captivates a vibrant fellowship. His debut album embraces the signature sound which has gained him fans, followers and respect amongst his peers. Experimenting with the sub-genres of Country, Guy tackles subject like breakups, guitars, relationships, sobriety, touring, death and depression, whilst keeping a positive message and foot tapping beats, with the usual hooks and guitar riffs. It's been a Long Time Coming, but this ten track album was worth the wait!