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Long Straight Lines


Release Date: 01 May 2012

Format: CD Album

Label: Ydna Records



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1. On top
2. Long straight lines
3. Hey lady
4. Little you little me
5. Feet on the ground
6. Long way home
7. Without the sun
8. Gilly
9. I miss you
10. Patti
11. End of the world
12. Wedding song (acoustic demo) Bonus Track


Matthew P is a folk performer and acoustic troubadour hailing from the Suffolk coast, England.

Most people will have heard his tune 'The Girl on the Platform Smile's / She Began to Dance' featured on the advert. The album 'Long Straight Lines' was created in an exposed beach hut studio, set amongst the seaside towns and rural countryside Matt grew up amongst.

His track 'End of the World' is the album book end and has already gained cult success through Ch4's use of it on the Watchmen advert Christmas 2011. From acoustic tracks such as 'Little you Little me', to upbeat full band performances such as the title track 'Long Straight Lines' it is an eclectic mix of all things Matthew P. With a special acoustic bonus track, 'The Wedding Song' Demo, Long Straight lines provides a little something for everyone, and a lot for his growing number of followers.

Matt is gaining momentum within a genre finding a home with a new generation.