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Living Free (Live)


Release Date: 01 April 2018

Format: Digital

Label: Fat Toad Records


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Bad News [6:46]
Gypsy Woman [3:23]
Scared of the Sun [5:26]
Living Free [4:07]
Hot Rocks [4:49]
Chillout [5:39]
Mammon [4:48]
Forgiveness [6:01]
Virgin Eyes [7:47]
Got to do better [3:47]
Miles Away [3:46]
Black Magic Woman [6:50]
Galloping Horses [2:36]
Jack the lad [4:49]
Angel [15:59]
Kubolor [1:33]
1970 [7:06]


The band described by many in the press, including The Daily Telegraph, as one of the best live acts in the country are releasing their much anticipated live album "Living Free", the work of one of Rocks' top sound engineers Adam Whalley, who made it his mission to capture this band's extraordinary live sound in a recording.

Wille and the Bandits have always been a band who cross musical and cultural boundaries, which has seen them nominated for the prestigious "Innovation in the Blues" award up against Rag and Bone man and Eric Clapton.
The band were listed in the top ten must see bands at Glastonbury by BBC Radio 1 and were personally invited to perform on the German TV show Rockpalast;; a musical institution of global import.