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Release Date: 06 June 2011

Format: Digital

Label: Metaphra


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Glow 3:34
Trapped 5:05
Sublime 4:55
Infinitum 6:13
The 17th 7:36
Konnected 5:26
A Bit Too Far? 2:19
Look Around 5:15
Music Box 4:57
Storm 6:03
Afterlife 3:50
Ground Frost 5:52


Metaphra "Kleptocracy" Biography

Two years in the making, Kleptocracy is the debut album UK electronic music duo Metaphra.

Richard and Marie met in Bristol in 2007 whilst DJing at the same event. It wasn't until they had known each other for some time that they found themselves together in the studio and stumbled across their own unique style of vocal electronica.

Their blend of female vocals, bass-heavy yet laid-back rhythms, enchanting melodies, lush soundscapes, live instruments and cutting edge sound design takes listeners on an epic journey through sound.

Marie's powerful yet sweet vocals glide effortlessly through the lush soundscapes and she is able to transform her incredible voice to perfectly fit the varied grooves. The lyrical themes of Kleptocracy range from political commentary to love songs, to the fantastical and magical, and they aim to inspire.