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King Felix


Release Date: 29 November 2010

Format: 12inch Vinyl E.P

Label: Hippos In Tanks


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Metal Confection
Metail Confection (Oneohtrix Point Never Edit)


"It's spacey, but never grandiose enough to be space-pop;; it's kaleidoscopic without being psyche;; it's hazy, but with the sort of strong hooks and clinical arrangements you don't often associate with the chill wave or drag set" - Fact Magazine

Hippos In Tanks proudly announces – King Felix – from futurist visionary Laurel Halo.

On King Felix Laurel Halo says hello to the world in the most ingenious fashion: effortlessly blending the classical and modern worlds in a presentation of tonality via a production method that is wholly new and refreshing. Infused with extraordinary leads, pads and sequences Halo clearly demonstrates her skills with tone generators taking stylistic incentives from the likes of Air and Milla Jovoich. Above the steadily flowing ocean of sine waves lie some heavy vocal harmonies making a salient impact on our brains and their avatar like counter parts all the wile accelerating life at a rapid pace - boyz to men. A guest appearance comes from fellow electronic romantic Oneohtrix Point Never who ends the record with an impassioned edit of Metal Confection.