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Kicking K


Release Date: 15 August 2011

Format: Digital

Label: Aorta/Genepool



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Kicking K 3.36
Girls Like Him 3.15
Inside My Face 2.53


Hip electro psych-rockers JUNKSTAR return with killer new single KICKING K!

Lead track KICKING K is a throbbing hook-fest of a song, and is backed up by the more brooding GIRLS LIKE HIM. The third track on the single was written for BBC 2 Comedy IDEAL - and sees the band mashing up an oddly satisfying mix of MIA & The Fall. With a triangle solo. (Yes you DID read that right).

The single was produced by Jess Corcoran (Popinjays, Senseless Things, Mega City 4) and mastered at WIRED mastering studios.
Debut single MAGAZINE was released to a native London buzz and the band toured the U.S.A. and Europe at break-neck pace on the back of it. The band notched up some great support shows with bands including Supergrass, White Rose Movement, Kate Nash, The Killers, Athlete, The Drums, Fight Like Apes and King Adora.