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Keepers of the Fallo


Release Date: 24 August 2009

Format: CD Album

Label: Steranko Music



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Nylon 2:49
Stiletto Girl 2:45
High Class Liberties 3:27
Brink of Success 3:31
Ghost of Funland (Instrumental) 2:23
Burglar or Banker 4:39
Queen of the Karaoke Bar 3:08
Pretty Pretty Violet 3:16
Geeko Elite 3:06
Superfreak 3:04
Excuses Excuses 2:22
Modern Metallic Mistake 4:02


Not since the heyday of Punk has a band been so in your face with aggression, attitude and power, fuelled by class and raw honesty. Musically, Steranko defy categorisation, but the integrity that runs all the way through their songs is that of classic rock greatness.

Watch Steranko carefully because this is a band whose time is NOW and they are set to make a substantial mark in the world of Rock.

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