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Jique/MSTRKRFT Remix


Release Date: 24 September 2007

Format: CD Single

Label: Genepool and Fiction Records



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1. Jique
2. Jique (MSTRKRFT Remix)


Genepool and Fiction records are proud to announce the release of the debut British single by the Brazilian Girls, backed by an amazing remix by MSTRKRFT.

Is Talk To La Bomb, the second album from New York quartet Brazilian Girls, the soundtrack to the end of the world, or the record that will ignite the planet's salvation? A polyglot of rhythms, sounds, and languages, their sophomore set throbs with the energy of a teeming mob. Those crowds might be the bejeweled revelers of carnival in Rio or frightened citizens filling Tokyo streets as Godzilla approaches. No matter. Talk To La Bomb distills that surging energy—of all those cultures, those moods—into a single, dynamic album.

Working at the legendary Electric Lady Studios in New York, the band was joined once more by producer Mark Plati (David Bowie, The Cure, Deee-Lite). Although Plati also participated in making Brazilian Girls, this time his role was much larger. "This time, we brought him in from the very beginning. He was already involved as we were writing songs and doing pre-production," says Didi. "He helped us regulate decisions, just by being a fifth element, and providing an outside perspective."

The band also worked with Ric Ocasek of The Cars, who produced "Last Call," a dreamy number that winds enticingly through nighttime side streets. "Working with Ric was very cool," Jesse says excitedly. "It was good for the whole band to just let go of the reins for a second, and let somebody else do their thing. And his approach was very subtle. He didn't try to dominate us. He didn't have to: He's Ric Ocasek."

Talk To La Bomb is co-produced by the band and Plati and Ocasek. It was mixed by Tchad Blake and Rich Costey, primarily at Peter Gabriel's bucolic Real World Studios in England. Brazilian Girls are joined on the album by Clark Gayton (trombone, baritone, saxophone), Peck Almond (woodwinds), Ric Ocasek (guitar), Jorge Continentino (flutes, saxophone), James Zollar (flugelhorn, trumpet) and Mauro Refosco (percussion).