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IV: The Requiem for the Art of Death


Release Date: 01 October 2011

Format: Digital

Label: Dark Balance


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Art of Death act I: Soulbells 0:41
Evil Believer 4:02
Nuclear Winter 4:03
I Wept 4:22
Absolution 4:15
Art of Death act II: The Last Journey 0:57
Reek of Rotting Rye 6:22
Last Day on Earth 5:29
Hypnotic Atrocity 4:49
Thoughts of Desolation 3:58
One Last Withering Rose 4:49
Art of Death act III: The Requiem of the Funeral Eve 8:53


'Talvi metal' will the Finnish metal head say.. or, in English, 'winter metal'. Born back in 1991, brothers in arms A. Sarkioja and E. Sarkioja started a band that isn't only founded on a cold place up north in Finland. No, the band embraced coldness to adapt it into their lyrics, art work and arranged over the years a new death metal sound that simply sounds like a touch of frost. Words of A. Sarkioja: "I would describe our music as fast paced and highly melodic;; like a winter wind at a beautiful frost morning, heavy and aggressive;; as fierce as winter can be. This is Winter metal..."

October 2011 Immortal Souls will return with their 4rd full length that will carry the title "IV: The Requiem for the Art of Death". Be prepared…