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It's Better To Travel Than To Arrive


Release Date: 18 April 2011

Format: Digital

Label: Jumper Records


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She'll Be Your Downfall
No Prospects Just Defects
Worth Going Back To Destroy
I Prefer Sleeping
It's Better To Travel Than To Arrive
Days Like These
Work Of Art/Morning Sun
The Fallout And The Chaos That Caused It
Like Rabbits
The Graveyard Girl
There's A Fungus Among Us
I'll Just Take My Chances Here
Exit Wound


Exhibit-1 = An Exhibition = Exhibitionism. Purveyors of fine melodic form. Contemporary + Retro = The Future. Designed by melancholics for melancholics. See you in the ether. The Band: Christopher "Choppy" Hopkins - Vocals/Guitars/Synths/Programming Rachel Redman - Bass/synths And whoever else happened to be in the studio that day. Most of the drums come courtesy of the greatly talented Chris "C.J." Jones. All songs written by Christopher Hopkins Exhibit-1 is a duo featuring the husband and wife team of Christopher Hopkins and Rachel Redman. Formed in 2004 and supplemented by additional and interchangeable musicians while recording. Most of the instrumentation is taken on by songwriter Christopher Hopkins as are all the vocals. The band was put together mainly as a vehicle for his songs.