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Its A Disease


Release Date: 13 October 2008

Format: CD Album

Label: Dead Famous Records



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1. Intro
2.Aim & Fire
3.Sounds Of The Mary Celeste
4.If No News Start Rumours
5.Oh Oh Chontelle
6.By The Hand Of The Butcher
7.The Scarecrow Speaks In Rhyme
8.Damage In The Waiting Room
9.March Of Batille
11.Love & Monsters
12.Bee (n) Stalking Jaque
13.We Are Heroes


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The Vaine are a (5) piece hardcore band from Sydney in Australia. Their album "It's A Disease" is a record that will rip your head off and s**t down your neck with its perfect mix off 'killer everything'. Formed in Sydney Australia in early 2006 The Vaine have, while developing their unique sound, stuck to a formula which seems to have very few rules yet continues to deliver songs you'll instantly know as The Vaine.