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It Isn't Over Yet


Release Date: 01 September 2017

Format: Digital

Label: Cedarwood


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Salters Screen [3.00]
Dust In The Hallway [4.58]
Hostile Place [5.25]
House Of Cards [5.37]
It Isn't Over Yet [3.39]
I Wish It Would Rain [3.01]
Maple Tree Boy [5.33]
Floorspot Annie [4.30]
Heart Of Stourport Town [4.26]
Six Boats [4.17]
Pirates [4.48]
All Fall Down [5.56]
All The Way To Troon [3.42]
Reynardine [3.48]
Martha's Song [2,23]


Soaring, passionate vocals and superb original songs
lie at the heart of Red Shoes music. Red Shoes is
songwriters Carolyn and Mark Evans. 'It Isn't Over
Yet', the duo's brand new (and third) release, is an
exciting double CD set, capturing the full spectrum
of their work, from pared-back, intimate, acoustic
performances on one disc to the full-blown folk rock
experience on the other.
It's a fine encapsulation of the two facets of their work: one, the engaging folk duo;; the other, a
couple of singers and musicians who are able to call on
major folk world (and beyond) talent when a five or sixpiece
band is required (many of these from the legendary
folk outfit Fairport Convention).

Previous releases:
Ring Around The Land
Cedar 13
Produced by Dave Pegg (Fairport Convention)

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Cedar 14
Produced by Mick Dolan