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Iron Fist EP


Release Date: 21 March 2014

Format: Digital

Label: Dead Eye Duck Tapes


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Jetlag [3:37]
Headlights [3:34]
Think Like A Dinosaur [2:51]
Aviation [3:29]


Explosive Alt Rock smashing out of Bristol and Coventry. Three men, three instruments, big sounds.

With These Machines have catchy choruses, interesting timings and heavy rock tones. With a huge stage presence for a three piece, they keep a feel good attitude through their sets and enjoy a laugh while keeping their playing professional.
With These Machines have been making a big impact in the area of Coventry and Leamington Spa, supporting the likes of Stagecoach, Opposing Motion and Youth Man.

Currently released is the four track Iron Fist EP, with a special bonus track if downloaded from their Bandcamp page.

"With These Machines: The large hadron collider exploded. And then made sweet rock." Jordan Quinn, President of Resound Society.

"All three band members were locked-in and tight throughout the set, synchronising vocals on many occasions to deliver belting choruses and reckless wails." Michael Perry, Warwick Boar.