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Infinity's Lobby


Release Date: 24 November 2008

Format: CD Single

Label: The Wow Signal




1. Infinity's Lobby
2. Purr Right


"... Bowie and Bryan Ferry inform singer Andrew Mangold's delivery, Iggy informs the band's swagger. Every song is a ballad or a belter, there is no filler. This is certainly not what I listen to in 2008 except when I take a bottle into my garage and revisit my twenties. But it is done with panache and an intoxicating swagger. To me this is just as "real" as The Racontuers 70s rock "homage" (and much purer in it's dedication to the groove and little more). This is Q reader rock, but not everything Q likes is shit (just a lot of it). If The Wow Signal were American they'd sell enough for decent drug habits and be dampening knickers in Enormo Domes instead of the Purple Turtle.
-Indie Dad