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Infinity's Lobby (Heavyweight LP)


Release Date: 15 May 2009

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: The Wow Signal




1. Purr Right
2. Infinity's Lobby
3. The Other Half of Myself
4. Debunked
5. Silbury Street
6. Lovers Scam
7. Still Hunting
8. They Got it Wrong
9. The Little Things in Life
10. All You Will Discover
11. Picture of You


big thumping stadium rock with as much panache as humanly possible...
potent riffs that crunch in with as much vigour as recent Queen of the Stone Age records...The Wow Signal have made traditional rock interesting again, and it's about time. all kick and no kitsch. " Lee Puddefoot, Artrocker Magazine

"The Wow Signal are a noisy foursome based in Shoreditch, east London. The album, "Infinity's Lobby", is a whiff of blues-tinged raucousness that veers between the two extreme sounds of blues and rock via 90s grunge. Admittedly, you would be forgiven for thinking that you have been transported back to the heyday of 90s grunge bands like Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden, but that concept is too facile. "Infinity's Lobby" will appeal to lovers of uncompromised rock 'n'roll." Chenaii Madhoo

"Infinity's Lobby by The Wow Signal doesn't sound dated. It sounds "classic". It could come from '78, '88, '98, '08 but isn't stuck in any one time. The production has polished it without setting it in any decade. OK, you've read I mentioned INXS. I will bet that The Wow Signal like people who influenced what came after the 70s, same as INXS, U2 and Simple Minds did. Bowie and Bryan Ferry inform singer Andrew Mangold's delivery, Iggy informs the band's swagger. Every song is a ballad or a belter, there is no filler. This is certainly not what I listen to in 2008 except when I take a bottle into my garage and revisit my twenties. But it is done with panache and an intoxicating swagger. To me this is just as "real" as The Racontuers 70s rock "homage" (and much purer in it's dedication to the groove and little more). This is Q reader rock, but not everything Q likes is shit (just a lot of it). If The Wow Signal were American they'd sell enough for decent drug habits and be dampening knickers in Enormo Domes instead of the Purple Turtle. In fact this would sell in most territories except the UK. Actually make that England. What makes us great pop pioneers also makes us miserable snobs (j'accuse myself as much as anyone). The track that seems to exemplify them, towards the albums centre, is Still Hunting, a track that says nothing to me about Shoreditch (their current home) and a lot about the (imagined?) wide open spaces of America, the bars, the railroad crossings. The belief in something greater, perhaps more obvious and tangible than experiments in sound offer. The big IT of Bullet The Blue Sky, the only acceptable track on The Joshua Tree, the feeling of being IN a movie that could only take place in the States. Go to their MySpace and listen. You'll get the idea pretty quick. If it's not for you I understand - but if you feel a strange urge to shake your hips I'll see you at a future gig with a couple of my unreconstructed mates and a large JD and coke. Sometimes Rock & Roll IS all you need, whatever gets you through the night – just KEEP on dancing."

(From indie dad, august 2008 –