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In The Bloom Of Their First Stirrings


Release Date: 08 November 2022

Format: Digital



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Terrified Of Awakening [2:38]

...exhales a torrent of brilliant light [3:44]

Nurture In Extended Disengagement [2:40]

The Agitation Of Gluttonous Night [3:18]

Bless This Breathless Cry [3:40]

Take Pleasure In The Ecstasy Of Panic [10:55]

I Am The Last Thing, This I The Last Act [4:38]

Devour Your Keening Proclamations Whole [3:12]

We Run, Entranced [5:58]


The first of five improvised releases recorded while preparing for the UK/ EU tour with Jarboe and Jozef Van Wissem. P. Emerson Williams set out with with a slide on an 8-string guitar, a head full of doom, and acted as a conduit of sounds from between space.

P. Emerson Williams is a multi-media artist delving in music, art, writing, and video. More people listen to the sounds of P. Emerson Williams every day than realize it, for much of it is embedded in extensive transmedia projects past and ongoing. A visionary artist and an illustrator, his work takes projects spanning physical and digital media, genres and modes of performance to strange realms.

"Given P. Emerson Williams extensive track record of cross-medium and genre art over the past
thirty years, it is likely he will become an underground legend. This may have occurred already, yet
given his reclusiveness, it's unlikely he would notice." -James Curcio, author of Tales From When I Had A Face and The Immanence of Myth