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In Our Hands


Release Date: 04 August 2008

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Faded Grandeur



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A. In Our Hands
B. Spotlights


"New Adventures are uplifting, unique and sorely underrated - for now anyway" – The Fly Online

Barely has the feedback faded from their enthusiastically received debut single and already New Adventures have laid to disc their second release. 'In Our Hands' pays testament to the strength of their forward-catalogue, another made-to-measure breakthrough hit with more melody crammed into three minutes than some bands manage across an entire career.

"To say that New Adventures are the epitome of indie-cool would be a gross understatement"

'In Our Hands' is an air-punching, euphoric paean to carpe diem and making it count. "It's one of those songs I wish happened more frequently" says Jez, "I woke up with the tune in my head and the rest just fell into place". And seizing the day is what New Adventures plan to do, capitalising quickly on the success of their enchanting first release, "How I Got My Devil Back (Part One)". Amazingly widely playlisted for a first attempt, it reached the ears of those tuned to over 30 independent and specialist radio stations ("we want Part Two, and yesterday!" insisted GU2 Radio) as well as a select handful of eager hacks. The band also received their first national attention, courtesy of a glowing preview in the Daily Star.