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If The Sun Could Speak


Release Date: 28 August 2008

Format: CD Single

Label: Isolation



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1. Sorry In Silence
2. Empty Shores
3. If The Sun Could Speak


A group of 4 friends who didn't know what they could achieve formed a band. The lead singer tells the lead guitarist of how amazing it would be to become one of the best British bands in the world. Other friends are asked and immediately the offers are taken up. With little equipment and small amounts of talent the band begins to work hard at learning and writing songs, at this point not even a drummer is included. The bass guitarist has never touched a guitar, the rhythm guitarist has a cheap electric which has collected much dust, the lead guitarist has huge potential, but has not found his talent and the lead singer stumbles across his fascination of singing and ability to do so but each of them have the same desire to become the best band. The band finds a drummer and starts to take shape;; band practices become weekly and with little room inside a garage they begin to make noticeable songs along with adventurous lyrics. Small amounts of part time earned money buy some handsome instruments to credit the bands music and image. They begin to play gigs whether it is 30 people in a social club or 200 on the top of a trailer. Now the love of their musical heroes such as oasis, the verve, blur and many other greats begin to shine through them, not only musically but in their image and presence on stage. The group of friends who could play limited tunes are now producing very exciting music, which is followed with great support from the audiences of many gigs. They realise that Civilian is the name that is the most suitable, it explains how blending in is easy but you can find abilities deep down that can make you shine in the world and its music for their band, thats what civilian wants and that is what they have become. So to sum them up it would be, a talented young band with enormous potential, who want to revive the music scene, make amazing music, entertain the masses of music lovers and have a shit load of fun together while doing so. Now almost 4 years in, Civilian is going strong. With one line-up change, a change in drummers and many more bigger gigs played, the band is making their way into the music world rapidly. Civilian have two excellant Cds ready to be ordered by you