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Ice Cream Kids


Release Date: 01 July 2010

Format: Digital

Label: Tragic Records


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1. Ice Cream Kids


The FEELGOOD HIT OF THE SUMMER.Unwrap this pop-pop- popsicle and DITCH THE DIET,gorge yourself daft on a scoop of Rocky Road with MORE ROCK THAN A LANDSLIDE.It's a 3 minute FONDLE AT THE BUS STOP with TRASH MONEY an undeniably DIRTY OUTFIT but they SCRUB UP WELL.Got more flavours than BASKIN ROBBINS a track so good it's EDIBLE.TELL OR BE TOLD,TAKE IT and BREAK IT.It's SUPERGRASS'S 'ALRIGHT' meets 'BLOCKBUSTER' by the SWEET.So get some FILTHY FUN in the sun and a SUGAR HIGH to never come down from.

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