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Release Date: 20 December 2008

Format: CD Album

Label: Genepool/Fiction/No Carbon



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1. Spit It Out (Imogen Heap Remix)
2. Spit It Out (Gary Numan/Ade Fenton Remix)
3. The Alternative (BitRayker Remix)
4. The Alternative (Sidney Looper Remix)
5. The Negative Sex (I Will Shank You For A Penny Remix)
6. President (Andrew Friendly Mix)


The Genepool/Fiction/No Carbon Records joint venture are proud to announce the final instalment of the IAMX project in the form of a remix album.

We have gathered all the remixes of IAMX's tracks onto one handy CD album. Featuring remixes by Imogen Heap , Numan/Fenton, BitRayker, Sidney Looper, I Will Shank You For A Penny and Andrew Friendly!