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I Will Wait (+ FREE full album download)

by N.E.T

Release Date: 11 May 2009

Format: CD Single

Label: Scream




1 I Will Wait
2 Shadow
3 I'm With You


Each CD will have a sticker with a special code. The code will enable each buyer to download the full album from N.E.T.'s website for free.

"There is no true love" say those who never searched for it. "True rock'n'roll is dead" say those who lost it. The story of the N.E.T. starts from fragile friendship between love and rock'n'roll. This friendship survived through hardships of time, as the first N.E.T.'s live performance happened in the year 2001. Since then, the band's frontman Dima continues to search, find and fuse new chemical components in his music, and in the sound of the musicians he is destined to work with.

N.E.T. has a deep and melodic indie/progressive rock sound, with subtle influences from Muse, Led Zeppelin and from the guitar sound of John Frusciante and Placebo. The band has played as a 3-piece around various venues in London and recorded their first single CD in 2008. The best way to be introduced to N.E.T. is to see them play live. There will be more than enough to listen to and to look at, as well as to remember and to discuss afterwards.

"…The three songs on this release demonstrate Dima's skill with his axe, but they also show his genuine love of rock and/or roll. I Will Wait benefits from strong bass lines and pounding drums that sit well with Dima's vocals (sounding like a cross between Marc Bolan and a young David Bowie), which drift across well directed tunes, while I'm With You feels like a slightly psychedelic and drowsy version of a song by the (best of The) Who." Clarence Allen "You Like We Like" (
The single will be released in May 2009.