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I Hear The Sound


Release Date: 28 June 2019

Format: Digital

Label: Audrey Fisher Records

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Fill Every Part Of Me [4:58]

I Hear The Sound [5:03]

Ascend [4:39]

Great Things [4:22]

Flow [4:29]

I Will Praise The Lord [4:31]

Omnipotent [4:52]

Supreme [3:52]

Your Word is alive [3:11]

Arise - Remix [4:22]


Audrey A. Fisher was born in Kimberley, South Africa and raised in Eldorado Park, Johannesburg, South Africa. She started singing from a young age, inspired by the international old school music her Dad used to play around the home. She sang in Sunday School programs, youth groups and choirs, community choirs and the church Psalmedy team.
It was in the Psalmedy team that she discovered that she had a Grace to lead praise and worship. Expressing her love for God through songs of praise and worship blessed and touched God's people in an undeniable way.
She continues to be a vessel of God's love to people and believes that her music is for the remnant but also for those who need an encounter with God's amazing and unfailing love
Denying many odds, she presents her debut album "I Hear The Sound" and prays that the album would accomplish what is in the heart of the Father for it to accomplish!