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Release Date: 21 September 2017

Format: Digital



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Surrounded [6:24]
Xenomultiplicities [4:29]
Undefined Cosmic Fear [4:35]
Borderlands [5:11]
Without Organs [5:24]
Deterritorialized Noumena [5:18]
Dissipative Structure [5:50]
Lilitu [5:24]
Machinic [4:26]
Revelations Of Power [7:43]
Swallowed By Madness [10:24]


A Night to be had as pleasures context. Nameless Authorities address oblivion, believe in blood shed by partition passage the container commands. Element wells up with beingness impact in the advantage. Its other need of assemblage without body. Subordinate carnal entities, drowned floral spirit, a dread gathering that is the weird preexistence outside city as madness divine. Iron-shod and terminated, signed, disowned, we grow though held down. Prophesy patterned on a blinding world's immolation. Most disconnected torpid gods promise This play, situations admit the final generation of humanity into the final performance. The machinic egregore they created acts as designed, at large to draw a bead on us with a reinforced, ghosted right. Give time longer to work its sensual entirety. Control, promise ennobled material, and communicate the parts of madness.