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Hush Mortal Core


Release Date: 17 April 2020

Format: Digital

Label: Martin Grech Songs

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Maelstrom Spark [05:53]

Auras Awol [07:23]

Hush Mortal Core [03:39]

Mothflower [06:10]

Enigmas [04:19]

Psychobabble [05:30]

Into The Sun [04:15]

Nymphs In Heliacal Rising [04:05]

Sadness Is A Story Of Beauty Only A Dancer Can Tell [04:54]

Ecstasy Astral Melancholia [05:59]

The Death Of All Logic [07:46]


Martin Grech is an alternative rock artist. Surreal and expressive, his work merges many genres including rock, classical and progressive metal.

Conceptual and otherworldly Hush Mortal Core is a journey of tension and surprise. Crafted by Martin and his producer Peter Miles, the record features the performances of many talented players. Hush Mortal Core is a unique artistic vision and stands alongside some of Martin's best work to date.