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Release Date: 03 December 2010

Format: CD Album / DVD

Label: Kat Marsh



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This live DVD comes in an hard back cover with a glossy photo booklet, 8 track live CD and bonus behind the scenes featurette too

Tracklisting for live CD -

1. Hunted
2. Little Bottle
3. The End
4. Can't Compete
5. You'll Never Know
6. Quit
7. Fools Who Say
8. Welcome


Kat Marsh is a DIY solo performer with a big voice and many many instruments. Since her solo debut in 2006, she has been creating songs onstage by recording live looped vocals & instruments. With her ever-developing looping skills and introduction of fun/exciting/bizarre equipment into her live shows, Kat is aiming for something pretty special when she performs. Hunted is her second DVD, recorded live in February 2010 with a band of incredibly talented female musicians. The DVD package features a 4 song DVD, 8 track live CD, full colour photo booklet from the Hunted shoot and a behind the scenes featurette

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