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How Much Are You Willing to Forget


Release Date: 13 November 2013

Format: CD Album

Label: Flicker



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1. Intro
2. Go
3. Out There
4. Fantastic Day
5. Counting Time
6. Everywhere Face
7. Falling Down
8. Breathless
9. Is This Real Life


Flicker have been performing and recording their distinctive brand of music for over ten years. What makes Flicker's music distinctive? The song writing! Interwoven melody lines and rhythms dynamically combine with intricate arrangements, thoughtful lyrics and the use of the appropriate sound or genre necessary to convey the meaning and feeling of a song.

Ellis Mordecai, (front man and leader of Flicker), started playing with bassist Peter Coussens in the late 1990s. Their friend, Martin Grech, was in the process of recording his debut album "Open Heart Zoo", and needed some musicians for live work. The gigs showcased songs by Martin and Ellis and included an early version of Out There, a track which appears on the new Flicker album.

When Martin was signed as a solo artist to Island Records, Ellis and Peter decided to continue playing and recruited guitarist Andrew Day and drummer Jimmy Fletcher. Jimmy left and was replaced by Darren Laurie who in turn made way for Vaughan Abrey, Ellis's brother, which completes the present day line-up.