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Hot White Sun


Release Date: 27 July 2009

Format: CD Single

Label: Procession Recordings



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1.Hot White Sun


Architects of Grace began as a solo project in a north London top floor flat. Duncan had been writing and recording his own material for just under a couple of years. The early part of 2009 saw the formation of a band. Duncan: "Things have moved on, Architects Of Grace sound very much like a band now, people say they can hear elements of the Jesus and Mary Chain, Joy Division, The Cure in places, they are bands I grew up listening too. There is more to the sound though. The very earliest Architects Of Grace material sounded like a dark electro project with synths, also quite like a film score too. As time progressed I couldn't help going back to guitars and a band sound, that's where I started from way back anyway, that's where we are now. Ultimately the debut album will reflect both sides of this."
"I'm the frontman and these are my songs, but John (drums/guitar) and Carlos (bass) make up Architects of Grace live at this time, we plan to bring in an additional member". Architects Of Grace are currently working on material for a debut album. Hot White Sun will be followed by a second single later in 2009 to proceed the first album. Just like Johnny Cash, Architects Of Grace dress in black.