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Hey Alchemist! / Neuralgia (Heavy 7")


Release Date: 17 October 2011

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Genepool


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Hey Alchemist! 6:21
Neuralgia 7:03


Double A side Hey Alchemist! / Neuralgia is the sixth release from London Indie/Noise Psychedelics One Unique Signal. Taking a brief time out from their work with Stephen Lawrie in The Telescopes, the band have returned to The Sound Bunker in West London, committing to vinyl two new pieces that prove in the first few seconds of playing, that their ten years of unashamed monogamy with noise and repetition is as strong as ever. Hey Alchemist! begins as perhaps the most hooky the band has ever toyed with, before an outro payoff of glorious rising dirge. Neuralgia is seven minutes of pure hard hitting repetition, continuing the bands perpetual hat tipping to 80s Psych/Drone Rock.