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Here We Are In The Future


Release Date: 03 July 2017

Format: Digital

Label: MRB Records

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You're Pretty Baby [4:30]
A Real Go Getter [3:36]
I Want Your Life [3:06]
Time Waits For No Man [3:14]
Through The Alleyways [4:07]
The Rock [3:27]
Waiting For You [4:07]
Fix Your Head [3:14]
October Meltdown [3:12]
We're Only Humans [2:33]
Always A Way [4:54]
Body Moving [3:07]


Here We Are In The Future is the 3rd solo album from the Plymouth based musician and producer. The style is more reminiscent of the 1st release, PL4 State of Mind, with a strong mix of electronica, guitars and a melodic groove. Lyrically, this album is just as much a personal reflection from Matt Brenton, if not more so than the 1st one was.