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Here Come The Arrows


Release Date: 26 March 2007

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Sound Foundation



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1. Here Come The Arrows
2. Start Again (Demo)


Cambridge quartet New World Record release their debut single Here Come The Arrows on 26th March on Sound Foundation Recordings. Available on limited edition 7" vinyl and download, the single comes backed with a demo version of new track Start Again

Sharing a love of Death Cab For Cutie, Doves and Bright Eyes among others and having played together since school under various monikers. Nick Jakins (vocals, guitar), Jules Berry (guitar), Mike Thornton (drums) and Mark Danson's year zero was in January 2006 when they ripped it up and started again, becoming New World Record and sparking a period of prolific song writing. A series of sparkling gigs in Cambridge and the capital saw a management scramble ensue and, following a good few Guinesses down The Social, New World Record signed with Heavenly Management.
Having since honed their live sound supporting the likes of Larrikin Love, Howling Bells and Graham Coxon, the band hooked up with legendary producer Phil Brown (famed for his work with Bob Marley, The Kinks and Neil Young among others) and Neil MacColl to record Here Come The Arrows – a blissful, slow burning epic and a brilliant debut single.