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Heaven On Earth


Release Date: 09 February 2024

Format: Digital

Label: Savage Tribe Records


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Heaven On Earth [2:43]


Inspired by the film "Into The Wild, Josh Savage embarked on a gap year adventure to see the world, couchsurfing across the globe and sharing his songs along the way - a journey that unexpectedly blossomed into a thriving full-time career.

He captivated audiences worldwide, building an organic fanbase one living room at a time through a record number of Sofar Sounds shows.

This intimate approach led to grander stages, selling out headline shows in London and Berlin and touring with Robbie Williams, Snow Patrol, and Bright Eyes.
British-born, Paris-raised, and now a key part of Berlin's indie scene, Josh's music, influenced by Coldplay and Imagine Dragons, combines catchy melancholy with hope. His debut album, "The Long Way Round," featured on 'The Bachelor; earned airplay on BBC Radio 2, BBC 6Music, FluxFM, and RadioEins.

During the pandemic, Josh embraced blockchain technology, creating the 'Love Letters' collection, now the UK's #1 Music NFT collection from an independent artist. This revolutionary album comprises of 888 handmade letters with collectible lyrics and various arrangements of his songs. It not only supported his work during uncertain times but also provided fans with unique rewards and the potential to profit from their early support, redefining the artist-fan relationship in the digital age.

Anticipating new music in 2024, Josh continues to push artistic boundaries. Follow his journey on social media to become part of his evolving musical odyssey.