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Heartbreaker 1/9


Release Date: 09 March 2009

Format: Digital

Label: Illa Team


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We on fire
Don't I
I like that
Pretty Toes
On that stage
Head to the sky
Liqour in Ya system
Spend 4 that
Heartbreaker 1/9
Same O'l Thang
Shades On
Come and get me
You got me
Freakin you
Take a look


Money Train is an American hip hop duo based out of the United Kingdom. This is their new album " Heartbreaker 1/9" featuring the hot single "Same Ol' Thang". The group consists of LA native Caligrafi and Seattle, Washington- born Reese the Ruler (formerly known as Young Gooch). Money Train's musical style is equal parts soul, pop and funk with elements of trip hop and house music. Previous singles "Grind Season" and "Star Struck" and "Blades Choppin", which sampled The Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams1 have been big club hits. Money Train were invited by 7 time World Champion and current World DMC Champion, DJ @WAR, to debut at Club Innocence (Newmarket).