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by N:SH

Release Date: 12 July 2024

Format: Digital

Label: N/A


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Haze [4:00]


N:SH is a UK based, multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter and performer. Indie, Alternative and Ambient genres feature in his music.
Having grown up in a home where his father and grandfather were both musicians, it was inevitable that his love of music would flourish at an early age.

'N:SH's sound can leap from a soft ambient hum to a rousing vocal, and his music is as likely to be artfully textural as it is to be catchily melodic'.

For N:SH's music style, and sound with broad influences such as Radiohead, Thom Yorke, The Smile, RY X, Fink, The Slow Show, Sigur Ros, Asegeir, Damien Rice, Ben Howard and The National, to name but a few.

Always writing, always recording, always playing live on a creative journey that never ends - a musician who always wants to learn and experience more!

Described musically as:
'His songs take you on a journey into sublime, chilled territories'.

'Mesmerisingly engaging and a cool persona on stage with captivating, engaging and atmospheric sets'.

'N:SH's music ideas enable him to explore different approaches to creating music and isn't afraid to push boundaries across genres'.

'Individually Unique with a Pensive, Melodic & Atmospheric vibe'.

'His incredibly crafted self-penned songs are rich in narrative and his cool persona reflects this.'

'One for the serious acoustic-heads'.

'The nonchalant yet passion he displays rides on the zephyr sublimely'.

'He's one for any singer-songwriter to sit and admire'.

'A Renaissance man' with 'musical ear-worms' and 'catchy choruses'.