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Gunning For You


Release Date: 04 March 2016

Format: Digital

Label: Hall Or Nothing


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Gunning For You [3.22]


MassMatiks, a four piece from London, have spent the last couple of years putting together their own tours, making their own videos and honing their songwriting skills. Their incendiary live shows attracted interest from numerous management companies and they elected to go with Hall Or Nothing (the Manics, The Script, The Horrors, Seafret etc) in 2014. A new batch of songs led to a Spring 2015 session with Grammy winning producer Jason Perry out of which came the incredible 'Gunning For You'.

British kickboxing champion and lead singer George Peploe delivers spitting social commentary lines, often spoken word leaping into soaring, hook-laden melodies and taking in subjects from greedy capitalism to annoying ex-lovers. Joe Turner (guitar), Martin Linch (bass) and Josh Stagg (Drums) lay a RATM-esque dynamic platform for George's universal tales. But also taking influence from current pioneers of alt-rock such as Slaves and Bring Me The Horizon.