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Release Date: 13 January 2013

Format: Digital



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Diamond Dust Blowback 3:30
The Girl Without A Face 3:37
Consume Blood Nation Mind 4:36
The Asylum Stares 5:02
Dispirit Brutal Leech Servants 4:08
Ghost 4:20
The Seven Black Blood Texts 4:31
Love Against Desire 3:37
Gli Occhi Gialli Della Notte 5:28
Our Stolen Fruit (Bondage) 3:35
Explode Metamorphose (Mean Device) 5:37
Harvest Ov Souls 7:20
Last Breath 3:58


It is just like Veil of Thorns front man P. Emerson Williams to write the catchiest pop collection of tracks of the band's long career and call it something as evocative of eldritch lore and cobwebbed dungeons as GOTHRONOMICON.

"This was certainly one of the most rewarding recording sessions, with contributions from two of the finest and most talented people one could ever hope to find." says P. Emerson Williams on the subject of Ferenc Teglas and Aidan McGoran, his musical collaborators on this new chapter in the constantly evolving world of Veil of Thorns. Fans of Veil of Thorns will of course remember Aidan McGoran from their genre defying 2009 release Salon Apocalypse. Ferenc Teglas is a veteran of elctronic and experimental industrial with many releases under his belt.