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Gods, Gangsters and Honour (Part Three)


Release Date: 22 March 2010

Format: Digital

Label: Carpe Diem

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1 Leonard Cohen the Troubled Troubador
2 Man Made Gods
3 The Most Hateful Man
4 Working Out With Donny Osmond
5 The Crazy World Of Gangster Rap (Feat. Dave Ball)
6 The Crazy World Of Gangster Rap (Feat. Dave Ball)
7 The Crazy World Of Gangster Rap (Feat. Dave Ball)
8 The Crazy World Of Gangster Rap (Feat. Dave Ball)
9 Dad's Death
10 When Nuns Lie
11 Genesis
12 Comic Characters
13 Taking The Mick
14 My Greatest Lesson


As the son of the legendary showbiz lawyer Marty Machat, Steven grew up with people like Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Frankie Valli and Sam Cooke. Growing up in that environment, it wasn't surprising that he followed his father into the business and by the time he was in his late 20s, he was proud to see his name alongside his father's on the brass plaque outside their Broadway offices. But Steven discovered from a young age that the glitter and the glam too often disguise a cruel reality and that those that are seen as gods could just as easily be seen as gangsters.

''Off-the-wall, gossipy companion to rockbiz classics The Mansion on the Hill by Fred Goodman and Hit Men by Fredric'' Mojo Magazine, Book of the Month

''Excess all areas.'' The Independent

''Top US music industry lawyer and sometime artist wrangler for 30 years...amusing.'' Q Magazine

''One man who knows better than anyone about the real inside story is lawyer Steven Marchat, who worked with everyone from Seal and Donnie Osmond to Bobby Brown and Suge Knight. His excellent new book, Gods, Gangsters and Honour, details the highs and lows of his life in the industry, as he recalls scrapes with superstar celebrities, pulling off multi-million dollar deals and saving the likes of Michael Jackson, Claudia Shiffer and David Copperfield from massive mistakes. Whether you want to get into the game, or are simply a fan of music, this is the book you need to read right now.'' RWD Magazine

''Each page sparkles with drama and wit. If you loved John Niven s Kill Your Friends, this is the real deal.'' - News of the World